Technical Achievement Award

Past Recipients

  • 2017 CTTC Technical Achievement Awards
    Behnaam Aazhang for consistent, fundamental contributions to multiuser communication theory for wireless network.
    Michael B. Pursley for outstanding contributions to spread spectrum communications in general, and to CDMA in particular.
  • 2016 CTTC Technical Achievement Award
    Jack Winters for pioneering contributions on the use of antenna arrays in wireless communications.
  • 2015 CTTC Technical Achievement Award
    John Proakis for pioneering contributions to and exceptional textbooks in digital communication theory.
  • 2014 CTTC Technical Achievement Award
    Reinaldo Valenzuela for fundamental work on wireless channel modeling and MIMO communication systems.
    Norman Beaulieu for fundamental work on the analysis of fading channels and diversity systems.
  • 2013 CTTC Technical Achievement Award
    Andrea Goldsmith for contributions to the analysis of fundamental performance limits for wireless channels and networks.
  • 2012 CTTC Technical Achievement Award
    Laurence B. Milstein for fundamental work on spread spectrum communication.
  • 2011 CTTC Technical Achievement Award
    Sergio Benedetto for fundamental contributions to the analysis and design of turbo codes.
  • 2010 CTTC Technical Achievement Award
    Gerard J. Foschini
     for pioneering work on multiple input multiple output wireless communication.
    Dariush Divsalar for pioneering work on modulation theory, error correcting codes, and iterative decoding.


A recognition plaque.

Basis For Judging

The award will recognize members of the Communication Theory Technical Committee (CTTC) of the IEEE Communications Society who have been involved with CTTC, have done outstanding work in communication theory, and have achieved a high degree of visibility in the field.


Annually, at GLOBECOM, or by request the Communication Theory Workshop or ICC. No more than two awards will be given per year.


Nomination packages consist of a one page nominating statement by the individual nominating the candidate, the candidate’s curriculum vitae and up to three letters of support (each no longer than a page).  All documents should be combined into a single pdf file.  The nomination package can be submitted  here.  For 2018, nominations are due on July 31, 2018; in subsequent years, nominations will be due on June 30 of the year the award is to be made.  Current CTTC Awards Committee members and CTTC leadership (chair, vice-chair and secretary) cannot be nominated.

CTTC  Awards Committee

The CTTC Awards Committee consists of the following 5 members:

  • Urbashi Mitra, Chair (
  • Behnaam Aazhang, committee member
  • David Gesbert, committee member
  • Sennur Ulukus, committee member
  • Matthew Valenti, committee member