Early Achievement Award


A recognition plaque.

Basis For Judging

The CTTC Early Achievement Award will recognize members of the CTTC who have achieved early career visibility in the field through research and service and who (i) have participated in the CTTC (e.g., attended CTTC meetings, attended CTW, served CTTC in a significant capacity, been a member of the TPC for ICC/GLOBECOM) and (ii) are within 10 years of their Ph.D.


Annually, at GLOBECOM, or by request the Communication Theory Workshop or ICC. No more than two awards will be given per year.


Nomination packages consist of a one-page nominating statement by the individual nominating the candidate, the candidate’s curriculum vitae, and up to three letters of support (each no longer than a page). All documents should be combined into a single pdf file. The nomination package can be submitted here. For 2023, nominations are due on September 1, 2023. Current CTTC Awards Committee members and CTTC leadership (chair, vice-chair, and secretary) cannot be nominated.

The nominations form is closed.

Past Recipients

2023 CTTC Early Achievement Awards:

  • Giovanni Geraci for outstanding contributions to UAV communication and Wi-Fi and their dissemination.
  • Hien Quoc Ngo for impactful contributions to cellular and cell-free massive MIMO.

2022 CTTC Early Achievement Awards:

  • Nicolò Michelusi for contributions to millimeter-wave, sensing, and learning.

2021 CTTC Early Achievement Awards:

  • Yuanwei Liu for contributions to physical-layer techniques and NOMA for wireless communications.
  • Junil Choi for contributions to MIMO and millimeter-wave communication systems.

2020 CTTC Early Achievement Awards:

  • Harpreet Dhillon for fundamental contributions to stochastic geometry and heterogeneous cellular networks.
  • Emil Björnson for contributions to MIMO communications and promoting wireless research through videos and social media

2019 CTTC Early Achievement Awards:

  • Walid Saad for contributions to distributed optimization and learning for heterogeneous wireless systems.

2018 CTTC Early Achievement Awards:

  • Ayfer Ozgur for contributions in the fundamental capacity limits of multihop wireless networks and energy-harvesting radios.

2017 CTTC Early Achievement Awards:

  • Tony Q.S. Quek  for contributions to the modeling and analysis of cognitive radio and heterogeneous networks.
  • Deniz Gündüz for contributions to fundamental results in wireless communications theory for source and channel coding, cooperative communications and energy harvesting.

2016 CTTC Early Achievement Award:

  • Marios Kountouris for contributions to MIMO, limited feedback, and analysis of cellular and ad hoc networks.