The Committee relies on volunteers offering their time and skills for organizing Symposia and/or for representing the Committee at ICC and GLOBECOM.

Interested candidates may send a message of availability (including explicitly the conference of interest) and CV to the Committee Secretary. To be considered as a candidate, a volunteer must:

  1. Be a Committee Member,
  2. Have reached a reasonable “visibility” in his/her research field,
  3. Intend to participate to most (if not all) of the conferences (ICC and Globecom) that precede the one he/she is interested in, and
  4. Devote the due time to work with the TPC of the conference for the success of the event, and with the Committee Officers for the visibility of the Committee in it.

Based on the offers, nominations for symposia organizers and Committee representatives will be put forward at the Committee meetings in due time.

Periodic emails are sent to all committee members on the mailing list requesting volunteers for specific conferences where volunteers are needed. To be informed of these opportunities, please subscribe to the Communication Theory Mailing List.